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The shocking truth about sugar - white substance that shortens our lifespan! 5/22/2016 • Terry

Does your mouth water when you think about delicious gooey cookies, crunchy candies or velvety cakes? Well, after looking through this post, you’ll certainly think twice before eating these sweets!

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You will be marveled by this authentic monumental art of a small Burkina Faso village! 5/21/2016 • chrissy

Are you ready to get a dose of aesthetic pleasure? Then, we go to Burkina Faso , a country in Western Africa which can hardly be called a popular touristic destination , but hides many wonderful places!

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Unbelievable: almost everything can be cut in half with simple…water! 5/19/2016 • marcus vandible

Water is really a unique substance since it can be applied in many areas of life and industry. But have you known that it can be used in cutting things? Watch the videos to find proof!

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10 coffee recipes from around the world that will make your mouth water! 5/18/2016 • Elena

Millions of people begin their day with a cup of hot and delicious coffee. No wonder there are a lot of different coffee recipes in different countries. Some of them have become quite a surprise for us!

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Embroidery as art: tiny delicate animals by Chloe Giordano! 5/17/2016 • Murphy

You will certainly be astonished by this miniature embroidered creatures being only a bit larger than a thimble, but so elaborate and true-to-life!

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Only people with high intellectual abilities can solve this brand new puzzle! 5/16/2016 • Joyce Harris

Let's see whether you are one of such people. You need to apply all your wits to solve this tricky puzzle!

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This funny dachshund made a photo session of his masters unforgettable! 5/15/2016 • Сherrrrrri

If you want to take part in a photo session together with a pet, remember that your pet’s idea of a good photo may differ a lot from your own. Learn about this hilarious story which illustrates it vividly !

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Brilliant illusionist from Instagram is able to curve space and time! 5/14/2016 • Jamie Wendel

Zach King is a master of video editing. He creates mega cool videos and shares them on different social networks. He has millions of fans and follows and we bet you will become one of them, too!

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A girl sails across the world in the company of her cat! 5/13/2016 • tommy anderson

Several years ago, Liz Clark made a brave decision to give up her established way of life and to go off on a sea travel together with a cat! And you know what? She hasn’t regretted ever since because she is doing what she always dreamed about!

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