10 questions to the pilots you've always wanted to ask 3/6/2018

When we see a plane getting off the ground, it really looks like a kind of magic.

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10 stories about amazing people that will restore your faith in humanity 3/5/2018

We live in a tough world, and most of us don't always have time to be kind and selfless. Anyway, there is no reason to lose our faith. These 10 stories about incredibly generous and loving people prove that there is still hope for humanity.

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10 weird and unexpected facts you would't believe are true 2/25/2018

It's a good practice to verify everything you see on the internet today, as a lot of interesting facts turn out to be fake. The ones you will find in this article are bizarre and hard to believe, but all of them are absolutely true. Take a look and get ready to be amazed.

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​Science knows which feelings different kinds of alcohol provoke in us 2/16/2018

"Maybe, this is alcohol speaking, but..." - perhaps, this phrase has never sounded more scientific. Find out about the results of the research made by British scientists.

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11 most remarkable flight attendants' outfits 2/15/2018

Stewardesses represents their airline, that's why their outfit is being paid a special attention to. From this article you will learn about airlines, which dress their flight attendants in the most recognizable costumes.

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9 erroneous beliefs about world-famous places of interest 2/12/2018

Find out the most widespread myths about world-famous sights that we believed were true. Perhaps, they will surprise you too.

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11 significant history facts interpreted differently by other countries 2/9/2018

It is hard to believe the way they treat the same historical events in different countries.

It may seem that history is a sequence of accomplished facts and we have no reasons for any dubious interpretation. But in reality it turns out to be otherwise.

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Quit these 10 innocent everyday habits to significantly improve your life 1/30/2018

Everyone is aware of the negative influence of such bad habits like eating fast food or smoking. But what if some popular everyday rituals are also quite harmful? As it turns out, these 10 widespread habits can negatively affect your life. Take a look and consider quitting some of them!

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15 amazing stories about animals who saved people's life 1/23/2018

Lately we've seen a lot of stories about wonderful people who bravely rescued animals from danger. As it turns out, there are real heroes among animals as well. Here are 15 incredible stories about valiant animals who retrieved people from death.

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Somerset Maugham's thoughtful quotes about life 1/19/2018

One day Somerset Maugham said that people used to think he was a humorist. The problem was, the writer was telling the truth in his novels but a wider public thought it was a joke.

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