The most poetic and beautiful autumn paintings of all time 10/18/2017

When the summer is over, there is no need to be sad. Just look around - autumn is so beautiful and magnificent. That is why it has always inspired so many talented artists. Just look at these beautiful autumn paintings.

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13 mysterious places in the world you wouldn't find in a guide book 10/17/2017

There are places on the Earth that are closed for ordinary tourists for some reason. There are photos of the things that you could hardly see personally. Check it right now!

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Dramatic way of making the Japanese dessert "mochi" 10/16/2017

Traditionally, the process of cooking is associated with slow motions and calm atmosphere. Quizzclub team was very surprised to find an aggressive way of making desserts.
The video is enclosed - come and see!

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John Wayne: 7 amazing facts you should know about him 10/16/2017

Do you remember John Wayne? A man of outstanding personality, one of the most famous screen cowboys of all time or just the Duke, he still remains one of the USA's favorite actors. Here are some little-known facts about John Wayne.

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Do You Remember: 12 everyday items from the past not everyone will identify 10/14/2017

The world has changed a lot over the years, but the memories remain forever in our hearts. QuizzClub team wants to get nostalgic today and remember some items that used to be a part of lives in the past. Can you recognize all of them?

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20 random facts you wouldn't come across 10/13/2017

Well, here are the most random and yet mind-boggling facts for you! Enjoy them!

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Future is Now: 8 incredible events that are going to happen until 2050 10/11/2017

Time flies. The first half of the 21st century is going to end in about 30 years! As it turns out, even now we can predict some important events that are going to happen until 2050... Here are the most interesting of them today.

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10 interesting facts about teeth 10/10/2017

What do we know about teeth? Here is the information for you! Check it out!

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John Lennon: 10 surprising facts you may not know about the famous Beatle 10/9/2017

A talented composer, singer, writer, actor and the Beatle, John Lennon is still remembered as one of the most influential musicians of all time. Read on to find out 10 little-known facts about him.

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Facts you didn't know about the famous aria "Summertime" 10/9/2017

"Summertime" is a worldwide known aria composed for the opera "Porgy and Bess". We love this song and prepared some interesting facts for you!

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